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Retired Credit Cards (No Longer Available)

by IndexCreditCards.com

The credit cards below have been "retired," or discontinued, and are no longer available. Go here to search for cards still accepting applications:

eBay Anything Points MasterCard - Discontinued in February of 2006, the eBay credit card allowed cardholders to accumulate Anything Points, a promotional currency that eBay buyers could use for purchases when using their PayPal accounts. A new PayPal Plus Credit Card that could serve as a replacement was introduced in May of 2006.

Ford Credit Card - The Ford credit card offered rebates toward Ford vehicles, but this program was discontinued in the late 90s, possibly 1997. You can see other rebate cards of this type in the Automotive Credit Cards section.

Verizon Visa - The Verizon credit card has not been available to new applicants for a number of years, yet is continually searched for by those looking to shave a few dollars from their phone bills. Other similar options: AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card or AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card.

Advanta Credit Cards - Issuer that specialized in credit cards for small business owners ceased issuing new cards or allowing new charges from existing customers as of May 30, 2009.

America West FlightFund Visa - With the merger of America West and US Airways, this card went bye-bye in favor of the US Airways credit cards. See Travel and Airline Credit Cards for information on those cards.

Aspire Visa - Possibly not discontinued, but not currently accepting new cardholders. An Unsecured Credit Card for poor credit consumers.

Caesars Entertainment Platinum MasterCard

Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa - Offered 5% cash back on gas, supermarket & drug store purchases, 1% back elsewhere. Ended in April 2006, although may still be available through Chase bank branches. See Cash Back Credit Cards for other options.

Chase Value Miles Visa

Discover Home Improvement Card** - Offered cash back on purchases at home improvement-related stores.

Discover Restaurant Card** - Offered special cash back rewards when used for dining out.

Discover Titanium Card** - Offered a fixed low interest rate.

Mazda REV MasterCard offered "REV" points that could be redeemed for discounts on Mazda parts, services and accessories. The REV program seems to have ended in late 2005 or early 2006.See Automotive Credit Cards for other potential options.

Movie Gallery Platinum MasterCard

Yahoo Titanium Visa - Discontinued in mid-2007

Published 09/07/10 (Modified 03/24/13)

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