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Unsecured credit cards are credit cards for people with poor credit, but good enough to still be eligible for limited unsecured credit lines. 

Most of the bad, poor or damaged-credit credit cards you see advertised are unsecured credit cards. If you have good credit, you most likely qualify for a card with no fees and a reasonable interest rate. If you have bad or limited credit, though, you may need to consider an unsecured credit card for 2015. 

What is an Unsecured Credit Card?

An unsecured credit card is a credit card offered by a bank where you are deemed a credit risk, and yet they assume the risk of lending you up to a certain amount of money--your credit limit--without any collateral or security. They are betting that you will pay your balance or a portion of your balance on time each month and not default. If you default on your credit card debt, they lose.

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