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Making the most of travel rewards cards

Monday,22nd April, 2013
As we recently pointed out in Focus on the basics when picking your credit cards, there's no such thing as "the best credit card." One that might be perfect for your individual needs and lifestyle could be wholly inappropriate for somebody else. Best travel rewards cards? The editors of ShopSmart magazine, published by Consumer Reports, know that very well. So when they featured airline credit cards in their April 2013 edition they took care not to call their picks the best. In a press release, they differentiated between: Mainstream credit cards, which may be good for those who are price conscious, and who .......

Earn a million miles in a year! Maybe not.

Monday,14th January, 2013
In November, blogger Hilary Stockton laid out her plans for earning a million miles in credit card rewards in a year without leaving the ground. As blogs go, it was an extraordinary tour de force, made even more compelling by her opening paragraph, which described her and her family's first- and business-class flights to Bali and Hong Kong aboard Cathay Pacific airplanes. Rewards credit cards and gaming the system Within a year, Hilary seemed to imply, you could be enjoying the salmon and caviar in-flight platter pictured on her blog -- if you follow her "mileage running" strategy. And it seems likely .......

Is an investment credit card a good investment?

Saturday,16th June, 2012
From cash back bonuses to airline miles to free merchandise, credit card rewards come in a stunningly wide variety. Now you can even earn rewards for your investments. Brokerages are offering credit cards that let you rack up points for a variety of rewards, including cash for retirement accounts. Among them are the Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa Card, the Ameriprise World Financial MasterCard and the Edward Jones Personal Credit Card, to name but a few. Like other rewards programs, you earn points for spending. These cards, though, let you redeem them for qualified investment accounts. (You can't apply the points .......

Spend five minutes and choose a better card

Tuesday,12th June, 2012
About a century ago, your blogger used to teach evening classes in marketing and advertising. Okay, it might not have been quite a century ago (it was in the mid-1990s) in chronological terms, but readers over 40 are certain to recognize how the time exchange rate grows less favorable with age: as you get close to 60, a month begins to feel like a year in teen time, and perceptions of a decade increase roughly proportionately. Anyway, senile memory being what it is, your blogger clearly remembers some of the topics he taught. One of them was Alvin Toffler's ideas on .......

Credit card perks: when to give in to temptation

Thursday,01st September, 2011
Imagine the scene. You're getting together with a group of old classmates you haven't seen for 20 years. And there's a lot of bragging going on. Everyone claims his or her career has been meteoric. The houses are large and the cars are luxurious, while children are invariably perfectly behaved high achievers. You, however, talk about yourself little and modestly. At the end of the evening, just as a rainbow of credit cards is produced to settle tabs, you're the least impressive person in the room. But, to the mound of gold, platinum and other brightly colored plastic, you quietly add .......

Making a Difference With Credit Card Rewards

Friday,22nd April, 2011
If you want to make a difference in the world but don't have extra cash to give, consider donating your credit card rewards. Credit card companies have made it easier to donate both money and rewards points with your credit cards, particularly since the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. If you have a rewards credit card and want to donate points, call your credit card company or log on its Web site to learn how to do it. Here's a look at how rewards donations work through some of the major credit cards: Converting Credit Card Rewards to Donations For every 1,000 .......

Winning the Credit Card Rewards Game

Wednesday,02nd February, 2011
A generation ago, the reward you got from your credit card was the simple convenience of being able to use it instead of cash for purchases. Now credit card companies offer dozens of different types of bonuses, from the relatively old standbys of cash-back rewards and airline miles to points toward merchandise ranging from insurance discounts to Las Vegas show tickets. Credit Card Rewards in for a Hit? Credit card reform could squeeze profits for issuers by limiting interest rate hikes and fee increases, so experts predict companies might put some limits on credit card rewards. Rewards could also take a hit if .......

Some Credit Card Benefits Can Save You Money

Monday,31st January, 2011
Credit card companies are in the doghouse with many consumers and legislators these days because of some unfair and deceptive practices. However, some credit cards may still offer a few valuable perks for users, according to a Consumer Reports article. Here's what to look for in new and existing credit card contracts. Credit Card and Debit Purchases It's important to read the fine print of all credit card terms to see what benefits you may be entitled to receive. You should have received the credit card terms and conditions when you signed up for a card. However, most credit companies also post .......

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