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Are you losing out on your credit cards' hidden benefits?

Monday,06th October, 2014
Does one or more of your credit cards offer special consumer benefits, such as extended warranties, or price or purchase protection? You don't know? You don't even know what those phrases mean? Don't be embarrassed. Plenty of people are in your position. But you really should find out by checking your card agreements or issuers' websites, because you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in savings. While you're reading up on these, try to get your head around the relevant terms and conditions, because these can vary between both companies and individual cards. Even if your plastic does .......

What you need to know about credit card rates

Wednesday,20th August, 2014
Imagine how wonderful credit cards would be if they didn't charge interest. You'd get the safest way to pay, plus perks, extra consumer protections, and miles, points or cash back all for free -- unless you opted to pay an annual fee for extra services. For close to half of Americans, that's already a reality, because they never carry forward balances to the following month. The rest, probably a small majority, do sometimes, often or always have credit card debt. And they pay a high price. Credit card rates today According to the IndexCreditCards.com rates monitor, the average consumer non-rewards card was .......

WARNING: Medical credit cards can seriously damage your wealth

Monday,28th July, 2014
Last year, IndexCreditCards.com warned about the risks posed by medical credit cards in "Dangers of medical credit cards enough to make you sick." This followed a consumer alert issued in November 2013 by New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman, who advised patients not to be rushed into committing to agreements for these products. Some doctors' and dentists' offices use high-pressure sales techniques to push consumers to sign up on the spot to terms and conditions they don't fully understand. In the words of the alert: "Give yourself time to understand the terms of financing. Take the time to read .......

4 ways to make the most of Valentine's Day

Monday,10th February, 2014
Last year, the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker survey conducted a poll to discover the number of people who expected to make or receive a marriage proposal on 2013's Valentine's Day. It was 6 million. A whole lot of people were likely to have been disappointed, because in the whole of 2011, the last year for which official data are available, the total number of marriages in the U.S. was only 2.1 million. Clearly, this whole love-and-marriage business is a tricky thing. So what can you do to improve your chances of getting what you want? 1. Get the right .......

'There is no positive side to credit card use.' Wrong!

Monday,11th November, 2013
Ashford University professor Robert Lindquist recently urged consumers to "cut the [credit] card" and switch to debit cards. Last year, IndexCreditCards.com quoted Dave Ramsey, another personal-finance guru, who says on his website: "Responsible use of a credit card does not exist… There is no positive side to credit card use. You will spend more if you use credit cards." Experts oversimplify Professor Lindquist's advice makes sense only if you assume he's addressing a minority audience: those who cannot control their spending when faced with the temptations of a credit line. In September, Chase Blueprint published research that showed that, among .......

AmEx, TripAdvisor form curious partnership

Monday,04th November, 2013
American Express has always been an innovative marketer that cultivates the benefits of being a "member." It's not surprising that the company recently, and for the seventh year in a row, topped J.D. Power's Credit Card Satisfaction Study. AmEx on TripAdvisor Now American Express has teamed up with TripAdvisor to offer special benefits to their members. Among the new benefits you can enjoy if you register your eligible AmEx charge and credit cards on TripAdvisor are: An "AmEx Traveler" badge will appear on your profile. When you write a review, a card icon will be displayed, along with the legend, "AmEx Card Member Review." You .......

6 ways to protect yourself from online credit card fraud

Monday,28th October, 2013
A new report from American Express predicts that more consumers are set to shop online this year on Cyber Monday than in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday. If that turns out to be true, it will be the first time ever that the Web has beaten the mall over this critical holiday shopping weekend. Certainly, FedEx is expecting something spectacular from Cyber Monday -- It's forecasting that Dec. 2, 2013 is going to be the busiest day in its entire history, as online retailers dispatch consumer purchases. Credit cards the best way to pay online But a boom for online retailers is .......

Credit cards vs. overdrafts? No contest.

Monday,01st July, 2013
Some self-destructive habits are hard to break. Booze, smoking, eating multiple pints of Cherry Garcia in a sitting: they're all tough to kick. But carrying on using your checking account when there are better and cheaper alternatives? Why do so many people seem hopelessly addicted to that? Overdrafts are expensive On June 11, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published a white paper on overdraft practices. Among those banks studied that could provide complete data, 27 percent of customers had been charged for overdrafts or non-sufficient funds (NSF) transactions during 2011. For those who got hit with such fees, the average cost .......

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