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Trycera Financial Launches Finium Prepaid Credit Card

by Peter Andrew


Financial, a financial services company specializing in products

for consumers without bank or credit accounts, has launched

a new prepaid

credit card, the Finium MasterCard.


most "stored value" prepaid cards, the Finium card

requires the user to deposit a sum of money into an account

and use the card in the same manner as a debit card, with each

purchase deducted from the balance on the card. The advantages

of prepaid cards vary for different users--some use them for

convenience, preferring not to carry cash; however, most want

the convenience of credit card-type transactions but can not

get traditional credit cards, whether for reasons of bad credit

or of no credit history, such as students.

More details on the Finium Prepaid MasterCard and an online

application can be found at finiumcard.com.

Published 09/13/05 (Modified 09/26/12)

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