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HSBC Defers Payments and Waives Fees for Katrina Victims

by Peter Andrew



you have no home or can't go back to the home you have, it's

tough to pay your bills. So HSBC-North America is allowing customers

in regions of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi affected by

Hurricane Katrina to defer their payments without penalties,

and without reporting delinquencies to credit reporting agencies.




customers who live in FEMA-designated Individual Assistance

disaster areas resulting from Hurricane Katrina can delay their

payments for 30 days. HSBC-North America also will waive late

and over-limit fees or other penalties that might normally be





is a financial company that operates under HFC, Beneficial,

HSBC Auto Finance and other names in different North American

regions. In the credit card field, HSBC issues HSBC Bank, Household

Bank credit cards, as well as HSBC-issued

retail cards.


Published 09/07/05 (Modified 05/24/12)

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