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United Airlines Offers Credit Card Reward Bonus for Back-to-School Purchases

by Peter Andrew


Airlines is offering parents a bonus when they use their United

Mileage Plus credit cardto pay for back to school purchases

-- double miles.


every dollar paid to schools over $1,000, cardholders will get

two miles versus the customary one mile reward, through the

end of 2005. Tuition for colleges and universities, public and

private elementary and secondary schools, school bookstore purchases,

season football tickets, and school donations are among the

purchases that qualify. United is also offering double rewards

for purchases at OfficeMax, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic,

Ikea and Borders through September 30.


United Mileage Plus credit card is issued by Chase.

Published 08/25/05 (Modified 09/26/12)

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