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Credit Card Micropayments Increasing, Says Survey

by Peter Andrew


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Card Micropayments Increasing, Says Survey

Nearly 20 million Americans ages 12 and older have purchased

something online for less than $2 in the past year, according

to a new survey commissioned by Peppercoin, a micropayments

technology company, and conducted by market research firm Ipsos



survey estimated 45 million Americans are willing to use credit

or debit cards for purchases of $5 or less, up 23 percent from

September 2004.


the purchases for which consumers showed willingness to use

credit cards were beverages, parking payments, fast-food or

corporate cafeteria items and vending machines or kiosks.


a survey commissioned by a company that stands to profit from

increased micropayment offerings should be looked at with a

careful eye, there is no doubt that the use of credit cards

for small-scale purchases has increased and is being accepted

by consumers. Last month Visa announced an aggressive strategy

to get more merchants to accept small payments, vowing to make

the process faster and easier for cardholders and incenting

merchants with lower debit interchange rates.


Published 12/06/05 (Modified 11/26/12)

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