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Sears Credit Card Now Available at Kmart

by Peter Andrew


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Credit Card Now Available at Kmart

Sears Holdings,

the corporation formed by the merger of Sears and Kmart in March

of this year, has taken another step toward merging the businesses

by offering new Sears credit card applications at all Kmart



Holdings already announced in May that the Sears credit card

would eventually be the only card offered across its brands.

The company amended its agreement with Citibank, issuer of the

Sears credit card, and announced it would be terminating Kmart's

relationship with Household Bank (HSBC), which had been issuing

the private label Kmart credit card. Most former holders of

the Kmart Card will now receive a new Sears card, which can

be used across all Sears Holdings' stores.


Published 10/27/05 (Modified 01/21/13)

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