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New Wawa Credit Card Uses Chase Blink Technology

by Peter Andrew


Wawa Credit Card Uses Chase "Blink" Technology


a chain of convenience stores in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey,

Pennsylvania and Virginia, will launch the Wawa

Rewards Visa in mid-November, featuring Chase's contactless

credit card technology. Chase says Wawa is one of their first

partners to enable the technology in all of their credit cards.

"Blink," as Chase has dubbed the process, allows customers

to pay by waving a credit card at a terminal instead of giving

it to a cashier or swiping it through a credit card reader.

In most cases, customers do not need to sign a receipt, either.


Wawa Rewards Visa will offer cardmembers four percent in rebates

for every dollar spent on card purchases at Wawa, and one percent

in rebates anywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted.

Published 10/27/05 (Modified 05/07/12)

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