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"One" Credit Card Offers Cash Back with a Twist

by Peter Andrew


Credit Card Offers Cash Back with a Twist


Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

Express has launched a new credit card aimed at getting a leg

up on other cash

back reward cards.


from American Expresscontributes 1% of cardholder purchases

into a high-yield savings account. The current interest rate

on that account is 3.15%.


the 1% cash back offer is standard on many competitors' cards,

the rebate is generally returned as a check or used as a credit

on the cardholder's account. One from American Express may be

the first credit card to offer interest on the money rebated.



from American Express cardwill include a $35 annual fee.

While this fee will be waived for the first year, it obviously

will cut into cardholders' rebates in subsequent years.

Published 10/06/05 (Modified 12/20/13)

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