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Discover Card Acceptance to Increase with New Partnership

by Peter Andrew


Card Acceptance to Increase with New Partnership

Discover Financial Services announced today an agreement with

credit card processor Global Payments Inc. that should lead

to increased merchant acceptance of Discover cards. Global Payments

will begin selling Discover Network card acceptance to merchants

and it also will purchase the portion of Discover's merchant

portfolio for which it currently provides Visa and MasterCard



a similar

agreement struck with processor First Data in July, the

partnership means that merchants who use Global Payments services

will have a more convenient path to accepting Discover credit

cards. Most credit card processors offer MasterCard and Visa

acceptance to new merchants at the same time. To accept Discover,

on the other hand, merchants have to take the extra step of

applying directly to Discover. (This is true of American Express

as well.) Because Discover has fewer cards on the market than

MasterCard or Visa, it is less likely that merchants will take

the time to add Discover acceptance. With these new deals, Discover

is offered at the same time as MasterCard and Visa, and at the

same level, increasing Discover's credibility, and most likely

increasing the number of merchants who will add Discover to

their list of accepted cards.

Published 09/11/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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