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Visa Credit Card Usage Continues to Expand

by Peter Andrew


Credit Card Usage Continues to Expand

According to a Reuters

report, Visa saw its charge volume increase 17.4% in the

first quarter over the prior year, with cardholders spending

$318.2 billion. Visa also had 497.2 million cards outstanding

in the United States, a 9.8 percent increase versus the same

time last year.


biggest increase percentage-wise in card usage was in the commercial

and small business category, which saw volume rise by over 27

percent to $39.5 billio. While consumer card usage only rose

about 10% from a year earlier, consumer cards accounted for

$136.6 billion in volume.


increased use of check and debit cards continued to be demonstrated,

as these cards' volume rose 17.6 percent to $109.8 billion.

Published 05/16/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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