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Borders Introduces Improved Credit Card Reward Program

by Peter Andrew

Editor's Note:  This limited-time offer has expired. 


Introduces Improved Credit Card Reward Program

Borders has announced a new credit card offering more generous

rewards than its previous version. The new Borders

3-2-1 Visa Cardis offering 3 points for every purchase

at Borders and Waldenbooks stores, 2 points for gas, dining

and grocery card purchases; and 1 point for all other card purchases.

The triple points at Borders and the introduction of double

points for gas, groceries and dining is an upgrade over the

previous Borders credit card, which offered double points on

Borders purchases and one point everywhere else. Cardholders

can receive $25 Borders gift cards with each 2,500 points earned,

or save more points for other rewards, including cash and airline



of the Borders Rewards loyalty program can also have their loyalty

program numbers embossed on the 3-2-1 Visa and receive loyalty

rewards at the same time they receive the card's reward points.


Borders 3-2-1 Visa is issued by Chase.

Published 05/11/06 (Modified 03/24/13)

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