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Home Depot, GE Capital Settle Lawsuit Over Credit Card Charges

by Peter Andrew


Depot, GE Capital Settle Lawsuit Over Credit Card Charges

The Associated Press

is reporting today that Home Depot and GE Capital have agreed

to pay $672,000 to settle a Connecticut lawsuit accusing the

companies of deceptive credit card practices. At issue was whether

the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card's promise of a "no interest/no

payments" program had been broken when the cards charged

payments to the "no interest" portion of balances

instead of newer purchases without notifying cardholders.


the state and 8,000-plus Connecticut customers will receive

restitution in the settlement, although consumers will receive

small sums as their share of $322,000 while the state gets $350,000.


might be expected, Home Depot did not admit to wrongdoing, but

instead said it agreed to the settlement to avoid lengthy and

costly litigation.

Published 04/28/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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