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Churches Embrace Giving Via Credit Card

by Peter Andrew


Embrace Giving Via Credit Card

While the collection plate may not be going anywhere, some churches

are now allowing their community members to do their giving

via credit card payments online.


capability is sure to spread in the years to come, partly due

to a new agreement between Shelby Systems, a Memphis-area software

provider to large church organizations, and San Antionio-based

Payment Data Systems, a payments processor.

Shelby Systems specializes in software for large faith-based

organizations, mostly those of more than 1,000 people. Shelby

says it works with over 8,500 such organizations worldwide.

Partnering with Payment Data Systems, the company will give

its church clients the ability to set up online credit card

payments for donations as well as other church activities that

require a fee.


Canady, president of Shelby Systems, said, "Being able to make

online payments has been requested by our client churches and

their congregations for some time now. We are pleased to offer

this convenience for payments through Payment Data Systems.

We expect members will be able to maintain their patterns of

giving regardless of illness, work, or vacation that may hinder

regular attendance."

Published 02/07/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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