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MasterCard Brings Back MacGyver for Super Bowl Ad

by Peter Andrew


Brings Back MacGyver for Super Bowl Ad


here for video of the MacGyver MasterCard Super Bowl Ad.

MacGyver, the 1980s TV character beloved by Generation Xers

everywhere, returns to action this Sunday via a high-profile

MasterCard Super Bowl ad.

MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson in the ABC series

that ran from 1985 to 1992, was the rare action hero known more

for his resourcefulness than his fists, outsmarting bad guys

through science and by using everyday objects in unusual ways.

Give him a piece of bubble gum and a shoelace and MacGyver could

escape just about any jam.


MasterCard's Super Bowl ad, part of its "Priceless"

ad campaign, MacGyver finds himself held hostage in a warehouse

with the clock ticking on a bomb. Using items purchased with

his debit MasterCard -- including a tree-shaped air freshener,

tube sock, nasal spray and turkey baster -- MacGyver escapes

to safety.


I've had offers to bring the MacGyver character back to life,

MasterCard had the sense of humor I felt was needed to bring

the character back,? said Anderson.


ad will run in the fourth quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl, which

pits the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks.


the ad here.

Published 01/31/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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