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Credit Cards from Corn?

by Peter Andrew


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Credit Cards from Corn?

Citing lower costs as well as environmental friendliness, Arthur

Blank & Co., a manufacturer of card products for multiple

industries, has introduced CornCard USA, an alternative form

of credit card made of corn. The company's technology can also

be used for other types of cards, such as gift cards and phone

cards -- in fact, its purpose may be more suited to these other

types of cards that get used quickly and then thrown away, helping

to clog landfills with plastic that doesn't degrade. Currently,

credit cards and similar plastic cards are petroleum-based.


national retailers and quick service restaurants are already

considering alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics

for a variety of reasons, such as the stable prices and more

environmentally friendly nature of corn produced right here

in the U.S.," said Eric Blank, executive vice- president, Arthur

Blank & Co. "If you compare bushels of corn to barrels of oil

over the past 5 years, crude oil prices have skyrocketed, while

U.S. corn supplies and prices have remained relatively constant."


Published 01/16/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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