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How to Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

by Peter Andrew

How to Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

Want to stop credit card offers from showing up in your mailbox?

Here are two ways to stop the offers, or at least slow them



Go to OptOutPrescreen.com

or call 888-5-OPT-OUT (888-567-8688). These are the credit reporting

industry's opt-in/opt-out resources, which stops the four credit

reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion)

from selling your credit information to direct marketers. You

can opt out for a five-year period or permanently. (You can

always opt in again if you decide you'd like to get these offers

in the future.)


Add your name to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Do

Not Mail file. You can access this service online by going here,

or you can download the PDF form here

and send it in with a $1 fee. The DMA's member companies check

against the Do Not Mail file to take out names of people who

don't want to receive offerings by mail. Your name stays on

the list for 3 years, and you can re-register at the end of

that period.

Credit card companies get consumer information from other sources

in addition to those mentioned above, so, while these two methods

will considerably slow down credit card offers, the offers won't

necessarily stop completely.

Published 01/09/06 (Modified 11/17/14)

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