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New US Airways Credit Card Competes with Old US Airways Card

by Peter Andrew


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US Airways Credit Card Competes with Old US Airways Card

US Airways and credit card issuer Barclays today announced the

launch of the US Airways Premier World MasterCard with Dividend Miles Select - from Barclays Bank Delaware, which

allows cardholders to earn free US Airways flights. What's particularly

noteworthy about the announcement is that US Airways already

has a Dividend Miles credit card, issued by Bank of America.


US Airways and America West Airlines merged in 2005, a new credit

card deal was struck with Barclays Bank, even though Bank of

America had previously been contracted to issue credit cards

in partnership with both of the merging airlines. While Bank

of America has pursued legal action to stop the arrangement,

US Airways has moved forward with its new partner, while at

the same time continuing to have Bank of America issue the US

Airways card for the next two years.


on the particulars of today's announcement, and the side-by-side

benefit comparison at the US Airways site, it's easy to see

that the new card issued by Barclays is preferred by the airline.

The Dividend Miles World MasterCard is offering no annual fee

for the first two years (the US Airways Visa from Bank of America

has a $90 fee), 1.5 miles on every dollar charged, plus triple

miles on US Airways purchases (compared to 1 mile per dollar

and double miles on airline purchases with the Bank of America

card), plus a bonus of up to 10,000 miles on balace transfers.


addition, the new World MasterCard is offering a 50-cent flight

promotion to lure in new customers, or have existing customers

switch cards. Fifty-cent flights will be available on a first

come-first serve basis and only to US Airways World MasterCard

cardmembers. According to today's press release, details of

that promotion can be found at http://www.50centflights.com,

but that URL returned an error page on our visit.


Published 01/03/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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