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Calculate how much you could save with a lower interest credit card.
Use the sliders to change the amount or type in the amount in the field to the right
How much could I save with a lower interest credit card?
Enter your current credit card balance, then the interest rate of the credit card you have now and the interest rate on the new card for which you are considering applying. Finally, choose the time period for which you want to see your potential savings and hit "Calculate" for the total. (Remember that this calculator does not include any credit card purchases you might make in the future, only the amount you could save on interest charges given your current balance.)
What is the balance on your current credit card?
What is the interest rate(shown as APR on your credit card statement) of your current credit card?
What is the interest rate(APR) of the credit card you may apply for?
For what period of time would you like to see savings with the new credit card?

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