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Discover Business Credit Cards

by IndexCreditCards.com

Discover Card offers 2 credit cards aimed at small business owners:

Discover Business Card - Offers a 0% interest rate on purchases for 12 months, with a rate of 13.99% after that point. Offers Discover's well-known Cashback Bonus program, with this formula: 5% cash back on office supplies, 2% cash back on gas purchases, and up to 1% cash back on everything else.

One of the neat things that Discover offers business customers is PurchaseChecks. If you want to make a purchase with a vendor that normally would not accept credit cards, you can use a PurchaseCheck instead --- to your vendor, it's a check; to Discover, it's the same as a credit card purchase. (Note, however, that PurchaseCheck purchases have no grace period; you begin accruing interest immediately, at the card's regular interest rate.)


Discover Business Miles Card - This card also offers a 0% interest rate on purchases for 12 months, with a 13.99% rate afterwards, and it also offers you the ability to use PurchaseChecks with vendors that don't accept credit cards.

The difference here is the rewards formula, which centers around airline miles. You'll earn 2 miles for each dollar you spend on your first $5,000 in combined gas and travel purchases each year, and you'll earn up to 1 Mile for each dollar you spend on all other purchases (including any annual gas and travel purchases that exceed $5,000). You can then use the miles to book travel across all airlines, on any dates.

Published 09/07/10 (Modified 12/09/10)

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