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Low Interest Student Credit Cards from Our Partners

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These student credit cards give you some of the lowest rates around, as well as the chance to start building your credit history

The student credit card offers for 2015 below showcase some of the lowest rates offered; some cards offer multiple rate tiers and you are NOT guaranteed to get the lowest rate offered. Many of the best credit card deals are only available for a limited time, so act now to get the best offers.


Student credit cards come in many different forms to suit the different ways a college student may need them. Options include no credit history, low ongoing interest, and rewards offers.

As a college student, your education is one of the most important things in your life. When you decide to get a credit card, make sure you get educated first! There are many student credit card offers to match your lifestyle, interests, and financial position.

Many companies have student credit card deals. When planning to get a credit card, your first step is to look at your current credit score and how you plan to use the card.

You have no credit history and you want to build credit.

Many student credit cards are set up for your situation. They require no credit history. This is good because it allows you to begin using the card responsibly and pay off the balance each month. You can build your credit for the future and give yourself peace of mind with a credit card in your wallet. There are low interest credit cards and reward credit cards that do not require a credit history.

You want to transfer a balance from another credit card.

Some student credit cards carry low interest rates and allow balance transfers. Many also give you introductory offers on balance transfers. This is another way to build credit. Transfer your balance over and begin to pay it off; the introductory period will save you in interest to make progress on reducing your credit card debt.

You can almost certainly find a student card that matches your interests, but there are a few things to check to ensure you choose the best credit card. What is the annual fee on the card? What are the interest rates for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers? Is the interest fixed or variable? What is the grace period for paying your balance before interest is charged?

Many people choose a low interest credit card to save money when a balance is carried over from month to month. Sometimes a rewards card carries a higher interest rate or an annual fee, but the potential benefit can outweigh these–it depends on your usage and paying habits.

As a student, you have a lot on your mind. Finding the best credit card deals shouldn’t be something you worry about. Once you have decided how you plan to use the card, look for low interest or rewards. Then decide which is the most beneficial to you. If you have a credit history, check your score to make sure it is accurate and be sure to fill out your credit card application completely to get the best interest rate. Now that you have a plan, put it in action!

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