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Low Interest Credit Cards from Our Partners

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Great low interest credit cards whose low rates don’t just expire after an introductory period  – although some do offer 0% APR promotions that make them especially sweet

These low interest credit cards for 2015 have a low ongoing (standard) interest rates, not taking into consideration any introductory rate offers.

You probably receive a large number of credit card offers advertising low ongoing interest or 0% introductory APR. So when it comes time to choose the best credit card, deciding can be tough. Low interest credit cards are a great choice in many ways, especially if you plan to carry over a balance from month to month or if you are trying to manage credit card debt.

Low interest credit cards charge you less on balances that are carried over. They generally offer fewer rewards than high interest credit cards; the trade-off is the money you save over time. If you have accumulated credit card debt on a card with higher interest, it is beneficial to transfer your balance to a low interest card. This can help you pay off the debt quicker and improve your credit score.

Some low interest cards assign an interest rate based off your credit score and credit card application. Other cards require excellent credit to be approved. If you have excellent credit and do not want a lot of extra rewards on purchases, these cards can reward you with a significantly lower interest rate and result in much less interest paid when a balance is carried over.

Understanding the Low Interest Credit Card

Credit cards charge different interest rates or annual percentage rates (APRs) for different types of purchases. Before you apply for a credit card, check the interest charged for purchases, cash advances, balance transfers, and late payments. Look at how you plan to use your card.

Do you want to get cash advances or do you have a balance that you want to transfer? There are many low interest credit cards available to match. There are some credit card deals that offer 0% interest on a balance transfer for an introductory period. This means that you’ll only pay interest on new activity with the new card until the introductory period is over. Others offer low APRs on purchase, but high rates on cash advances. If you plan to only make purchases then this is an ideal card.

It is also important to find out the type of APR. It may be fixed, variable, introductory, or delayed. A fixed APR means that your rates will not change in the near future. A variable APR will change periodically. The credit card application will list what the variable rate is tied to, for example the federal interest rate. Introductory APRs are just that, they are in place during the introductory period then increase after that period is up. Delayed APR is similar to introductory, with a specified point in the future the APR will change, for example no interest until February. A fixed APR is the best way to manage your payments, because the future interest can be predicted more accurately.

How to Pick the Best Credit Card for You

Figure out how you want to use the card. Do you want to make purchases, get cash advances, transfer balances, or a combination of these? You can get a deal with an introductory or delayed offer that suits your needs, but make sure that the other APRs match how you plan to use the card. Lastly, most low interest credit cards do not have an annual fee, but check this before you begin your credit card applications. Go forth and apply knowledgeably!

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