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About IndexCreditCards.com

Frustrated by an industry that offered plenty of marketing but not nearly enough hard information, Adam Jusko founded Index Credit Cards in 2005, envisioning a Web site offering true credit card comparisons — shining a light on the “fine print” to help consumers and small business owners make the best credit card choices for their needs.

Over time, Index Credit Cards has expanded to provide even more consumer-focused information — articles and tips for getting the most from your cards (and avoiding fee traps), credit card interest calculators, credit card news, a listing of over 1,200 currently-available credit cards, and more. Our Credit Card Monitor, which tracks average credit card rates, is just one of the statistical reports we’ve developed to track changes in the credit card industry.

All legitimate credit card offers are eligible for listing on this site. If you are a credit card issuer and your card or cards are not listed, please contact advertising@indexcreditcards.com with the name of your financial institution and where information can be found online. All cards on this site must have some form of online representation to be listed, and will only be put into category-specific areas if relevant fees, terms and conditions are available online as well.

IndexCreditCards.com does partner with certain financial institutions and receives financial compensation when site visitors sign up for particular credit cards. However, these relationships do not affect our objective listing of credit cards in each category. In every category where an objective measure can be used to compare credit cards — e.g., credit card interest rates — cards are listed based on the best available deals in that category for that criteria. And the criteria used are clearly spelled out in each category.

Credit Card Monitor, our weekly summary of credit card rates, can be used on your site or in your publication free of charge, provided credit is given to IndexCreditCards.com. All other material on this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. For questions on use of our news stories, rankings, or anything else, please contact Chantal Von Alvensleben at chantalvona@quinstreet.com.