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Store cards? Proceed with caution

Monday,16th December, 2013
Store credit cards are always bad. OK, that's not entirely accurate, but it's true often enough to make it a good starting point for a discussion. Credit cards better As previously discussed on this site, mainstream credit cards are better than store cards (also known as "retail-issued," "store-branded" or "private-label" cards) for a number of reasons: On average, credit card rates are way lower than those for store cards. Unless a store card is co-branded with American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa (in which case it's really a credit card anyway), you're likely to be able to use it in only a limited number .......

Why do private-label credit cards still exist?

Monday,21st January, 2013
Imagine if American Express, Capital One, Chase, Citi or Discover were to introduce a credit card with an APR of well over 20 percent -- and then said you could only use it only in a very limited number of outlets. What would it take for you to sign up? Would a one-off saving of up to $100 on your first purchases persuade you? Would invitations to future events that were designed to encourage you to spend more money have you reaching for your pen? Would the promise of money-off vouchers on unspecified items you may or may not need .......

Zero-interest store credit card deals: What's the catch?

Tuesday,29th May, 2012
When you buy a big-ticket item, like a flat-screen TV or a new sofa, you might be tempted by a retailer's offer for a zero-percent credit card. These credit card deals let you charge the purchase you were planning to make anyway without having to pay any interest for an introductory period, which might be six months to a year. That's a great deal--but only if you follow the offer's rules. The FDIC warns consumers to be cautious, because many of these offers have a catch. If you don't pay off the entire purchase by the time the zero-interest promotional period ends, .......

Should You Get a Credit Card from Your Favorite Store?

Monday,13th December, 2010
Unless you never venture into clothing and department stores, a retail clerk has probably asked you a time or two whether you'd like to apply for a store credit card. The enticement is certainly tempting--usually a discount is offered just for filling out the application, and many store cards, if they have the VISA, MasterCard or American Express label, can be used at other establishments. But should you do it? There's no set answer. Store credit cards have their pros and cons. Consider the following points when deciding whether to say yes. • Your Credit Score Every time you apply for credit, an .......