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Chase rewards romantics this Valentine's Day

by Peter Andrew

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

Compared with most others in the industry, Chase has an exceptionally proactive marketing department. And, this year, it has promoted a number of deals for holders of its rewards credit cards that could be especially valuable to those spending money to woo a loved one on Valentine's Day.

It's important to note that not every offer is open to every Chase cardholder. When checking the list below, make sure the particular piece of plastic in your wallet is mentioned, or you may miss out.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Send no flowers, and you could be through.

In terms of cash back and rewards points, the best Chase Valentine's deal this year is on flowers. But, to take advantage of this special offer, you have to order them through the Chase Ultimate Rewards online shopping portal. Click through to 1-800-Flowers, and you stand to get 12 percent cash back on your Chase Freedom card -- or 12 extra points per dollar on your Chase Sapphire or Ink from Chase plastic -- on all gifts purchased from this merchant.

Decided your partner deserves more than a floral arrangement? Jewelry, chocolate and customized gifts also stand to earn you good rewards. But, again, you must buy them through the Chase Ultimate Rewards online mall. Expect eight points for every dollar spent through that portal at Red Envelope, six at Blue Nile and four at Godiva.

Don't forget the reservations

Few events are more likely to raise you in the estimation of your spouse/partner/date than a truly exquisite dinner in a first-class restaurant. And, if you've a Chase Sapphire card, you can get 2 percent cash back on your dining purchases. With other Chase cards, you may get 1 percent or equivalent points. Without any credit card, you still stand to get an excellent return on your investment -- although not if you're of an age when rich food makes you sleepy.

Books, movies and a coffee

Spending Valentine's Day alone? It's easy to entertain yourself with a good book and a movie (Valentine's Day slasher movie, anyone?) -- both of which you can buy from Amazon.com directly using your Chase Ultimate Rewards points. You first have to visit the Amazon.com Shop with Points web page to link your eligible Chase rewards credit cards, but, after that, the checkout process easily redeems your points towards your total.

Maybe after the movie, you should get out of the house and grab a latte. If you have a Chase Freedom card, you can earn 5-percent cash back on all purchases at Starbucks throughout this quarter -- up until Mar. 31, 2013. As always, you have to register for the current quarter's bonus categories in order to be eligible. Who knows? Maybe it's time to pull up a chair next to Grande Half-Caff with with Cream and a Scone.

Published 02/06/13 (Modified 01/08/14)

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