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More Consumers Choosing Online Credit Card Account Services

by Peter Andrew


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Consumers Choosing Online Credit Card Account Services

The number of credit card customers using issuers' online services

to manage accounts has grown 28% in the past year, according

to comScore Networks, a consumer behavior research firm.


choosing the online account servicing option reported higher

levels of satisfaction with their credit card companies than

those not using online account servicing.


card companies are probably happy with their online customers,

too, as the survey showed that online customers are very open

to using online "self serve" options such as change

of address, requesting balance transfers or requesting credit

limit increases. This cuts down on the card companies' customer

service expenditures.


card customers using online account servicing tend to be those

who are already active online. These consumers account for just

21 percent of the online population but do 43 percent of all

online spending. They're a bit wealthier, too. Sixty-four percent

reported household incomes greater than $50,000 while 57 percent

of non e-servicers have household incomes greater than $50,000.


Tabbal, vice president of comScore Network's credit card division,

notes that card issuers still have plenty of opportunity to

increase the numbers of online clients, thereby reducing their

overall customer service costs.


in the survey reported having used the online account services

of the following credit card issuers: American Express, Citibank,

Chase/Bank One, MBNA, Providian, HSBC/Household and Capital


Published 12/09/05 (Modified 05/07/12)

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