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Home Depot Debuts Two New MasterCard Credit Cards

by Peter Andrew


Depot Debuts Two New MasterCard Credit Cards

Home Depot, in partnership with Citibank, unveiled two new MasterCard

products today, The Home Depot Rewards MasterCard and The Home

Depot Business Rewards MasterCard. The cards offer two points

for every dollar spent at Home Depot and EXPO Design Centers,

and one point for every dollar spent anywhere else. Cardholders

can then redeem their points for Home Depot gift cards and merchandise,

or use them for other rewards such as travel, electronics and



Depot already offered credit cards for in-store purchases, but

the new MasterCard credit cards can be used anywhere, and they

allow consumers to earn rewards for their Home Depot purchases

and for purchases everywhere else.

Published 08/25/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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