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MINI Credit Card Offers Motoring Rewards, Customized Car Image

by Peter Andrew


Credit Card Offers Motoring Rewards, Customized Car Image

Owners of MINI automobiles have a new opportunity to show their

love for their mini cars with the launch of the MINI Platinum

Visa Card. The card offers a custom image of cardholders' MINIs,

thanks to the "Card Configurator" that can be used

during the application process. The MINI Visa also offers a

Motoring Rewards program with rebates toward MINI cars and other



earn one MINI Motoring Rewards point for every dollar in purchases,

and two points for every dollar spent on motoring-related purchases

including gas, car washes and bridge/road toll fees. Points

can be used for rebates on the purchase of a new MINI, MINI

parts and service, MINI Motoring Gear and other rewards.


card is issued by MINI Financial Services, a division of BMW

Financial Services North America.


and an application for the MINI Visa is available at http://www.4myminicard.com/.

You can also compare the MINI Visa to other car-themed cards

on our Automotive

Credit Cards page.

Published 06/20/06 (Modified 05/07/12)

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