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This card is no longer available.

The Hyatt Credit Card

Hyatt Credit Card from Chase

Editor's Rating: 4/5

This card is no longer available
Purchase Intro Purchase APR Bal. Transfer Intro Balance Transfer Fee Credit Needed
15.24% Variable
3% ($5 min. ) Excellent
Editor's Notes

Card Highlights This card is best for consumers who prefer to stay at Hyatt hotels and have excellent credit.Should you switch to the Hyatt Credit Card from Chase?
You'll get the most from this travel credit card if you commit to staying at Hyatt properties whenever possible. That may not be a problem if you're a brand loyalist, but you might grit your teeth a little if you're accustomed to finding discount hotel rooms online. However, if you travel often enough, the bonus amenities and automatic upgrades you'll earn from this card will likely outweigh the cash you'd save by booking last-minute closeout rates. Travel just once per year to a country where merchants prefer "chip and PIN" cards, and you'll justify this card's annual fee.

Rate Information
Finance Information
Fee Information
Card Details
Card Issued By: Chase
Card Type: Visa
Card Category: Hotel, Miles/Points
Card Class: Signature
Maximum Credit Line: N/A
General Correspondence Address: 162 5th Avenue, 7th Floor

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